Our services help ensure that residents and housing authorities comply with part 964 of Title 24: Tenant Participation and Tenant Opportunities in Public Housing.

Some of the most important sections regarding resident participation can be found below.

24 CFR 964.11:
Right To Organize

Residents have the right to organize; and to elect a resident council to represent their interests.

Working Together

HUD encourages public housing authorities (PHAs) and residents to work together to determine the most appropriate way to foster constructive relationships, particularly through duly-elected resident councils.

24 CFR 964.150: 

Tenant Participation Funds

HUD pays $25/occupied unit/year for properties where residents are represented by a duly elected resident council.

– $15 goes to fund resident participatory activities through the resident council.
– $10/unit/year goes to the PHA to cover costs associated with resident participatory activities (conducting elections, recalls, entity formation, trainings, etc.)

24 CFR 964.18(i):
Recognizing Resident Councils
A PHA shall officially recognize a duly elected resident council as the sole representative of the residents it purports to represent, and support its tenant participation activities.

24 CFR 964.130

Resident Council Election Procedures and Standards
The resident council shall use an independent third-party to oversee elections and recall procedures (notice, nomination committee activities, planning meetings, voting, counting ballots, etc.).

The local PHA or a member of the resident council cannot serve as the independent third-party entity in an election process.

24 CFR 964.130(a)(1)

Minimum Standards for Resident Council Election Procedures
All procedures must assure fair and frequent elections of resident council members – at least once every three years for each member.

24 CFR 964.130(b)
Consequences for Failing to Comply 

If a resident council fails to satisfy HUD minimum standards for fair and frequent elections, or fails to follow its own election procedures as adopted, HUD shall require the PHA to withdraw recognition of the resident council and to withhold resident services funds as well as funds provided in conjunction with services rendered for resident participation in public housing.

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